Styling a Bookcase can be a rewarding and fulfilling task. The idea is for the bookcase to look as natural as possible, it should be on display in your room and also show off your personality. Decide on the color scheme to be carried out throughout the room, try to decide on colors that will contrast well with each other. Then create a catchy title for your case and work into that style.

Shoot for traditional bookcases however don’t feel forced to stick with those types of designs, they can become boring without any creative input. So if you want a different look then try out these few ideas and see what suits you best!

1.A Roman themed lace design

This would simply be an ornate white lace with gold accents which would give off a touch of class as it is not too feminine or flashy but also not too masculine either. The traditional design gives the bookcase a classic look. The gold framed pictures fit in well with the color scheme and give it a showy classical feel. The only thing is that bookcases are generally not very ornate so you need to try to be subtle and not overdo too many accessories or else it will look tacky. This design is elegant and not overbearing, which is what makes it work so well.

2.The Haute Couture Style

This is a design that uses a lot of textures to create the look. The deep purple background with the gold trims makes this bookcase appear very regal and gives a feel of royalty. This is quite an unusual style as it doesn’t follow any known theme. If you would like to make this design your own, then use your imagination by adding in several different textures like beads, lace etc to make it more personalized. This design has been created using different accessories and fabrics which makes it look very ‘fashionable’. This would be perfect for the young crowd who are more into the ‘high fashion’ type of scene.


This style is all about creating an intimate atmosphere. The left shelf has been strewn with a large amount of lace and little black beads to make it look very feminine and delicate. The other shelf has been covered in gold sequins and beads which give off a more innocent feel. Since this style does not follow a particular theme, you can make it your own by creating the bookcase in the color scheme of your choice, choose an ornate gold frame to go with it as well. This style would work very well for younger girls who are into flirty boys, or even just love having their room decorated in a feminine manner.