Whether you’re a fan of the holiday season or just not a fan of how your apartment smells all the time, everyone loves the smell of a freshly lit fire and the beauty of a candle—staying cozy and enjoying the Christmas spirit outdoors, especially with these DIY giant outdoor Christmas candles.

No need to buy expensive scented candles and scented wax for this season. Use these simple tricks to make your own substantial outdoor Christmas candles without mess and smell. Pint-Sized, affordable, and easy to make, you’ll enjoy the outdoors in no time. Also, these DIY giant outdoor Christmas candles will last for weeks and can be used repeatedly.



A plate or a square of foil. Make sure it is at least as big as your candles. If you use a smaller candle, you can use a smaller plate or foil square.

Two rolls of toilet paper or two rolls of paper towels. These are the homemade wicks. They need to be thick and long enough to reach from the top of the candle down to where the wax is poured in.

One pack of white wax crayons or one box (4 jars) of Silvadent dental adhesive. These are markers for drawing on your candles. You can use permanent ink pens, but they may not work with wax candles that get burned out too fast between uses and can smear if they get too hot (like they do when they melt).

The crayon wax should also stand up to high heat better than ink pens, and permanent markers do, so you’ll want something that works with wax candles and is made from natural beeswax or carnauba wax (similar to what you find in car polish).

A few jumbo pencils for decorating your candles like these: A pair of gold Sharpies would also work well. Just make sure they have a good point so they don’t burn out quickly on a high heat like regular sharpies do when used on a candle! You could also use a permanent marker like the kind used for thermographs.