Abstract Wall Art above Sofa is made of a generous matted frame, which is decorated with a painting of an abstract work in the style of Piet Mondrian. This original design will make for a creative addition to any room. The abstract artwork invites people in, and because it’s a matte finish, the artwork will not show finger smudges or scuffs easily.

Benefits of Abstract Wall Art above Sofa

1. The original design will give your living room a fresh, modern look. The painting is made in the style of Mondrian, a Dutch painter who was known for abstract art and his use of primary colors and blocks of black and white.

2. Because the matted frame is large, it will make an impact on your wall, but not be too big for your room. The painting measures 24-inches by 32-inches which makes it manageable to place on any walls of your choice.

3. Because it’s a matte finish, the painting does not show finger smudges or scuffs easily so you can feel confident about hanging this piece up in any living room or bedroom without worry over time.

4. The frame measures 17-inches wide and 29-inches long, so it takes up very little space once it is hung on the wall.

What’s Included in the Package?

1. Abstract Wall Art above Sofa: This is where you will find “your” painting waiting for you after you buy it. It’s ready for you to hang directly on your wall as soon as you get it in the mail, or wherever else you prefer to do so. Keep in mind that this piece is a reproduction from an original painting, and not a new piece of art created by this artist today.

2. Wall hangers: Are you unfamiliar with wall hangers? If so, this will be great news for you! It is all easy to do.

3. The artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and a dust bag to store in between uses. We recommend storing it rolled up; not flat because if it is left flat, it may cause creases in the painting over time.