DIY PEGBOARD CROSS STITCH WALL ART is one of the most popular we found on Pinterest. One person has pinned “DIY peggy board cross stitch wall art” with 4,306 repins. It is about a cross stitch pattern and what you’ll need to make your own.


1. Time-Saving

This is an excellent piece of wall art because it looks refined and chic, but actually takes under half an hour to make. You can focus on other things in your home or even take a break from crafting to focus on something else. It doesn’t need to be perfect either, in fact the more imperfect the better! It makes it look like a one-off which is super cool!

2. Inexpensive

The materials needed for this project are easy to find and easy on your wallet too. A trip down to the local craft store will be sure to provide all you need for this project whether you choose to personalise it or use the pre-coloured designs.

3. No Fabric Restrictions

This DIY project is perfect for people who are allergic or scared of certain fabrics. It also does not require you to use a certain brand of fabric, if you’re feeling creative then this is the perfect project for you! It can be anything from a simple plain white canvas or even make it your own by using a bright contrasting colour.

4. No Sewing Needed!!

One of the great things about this project is that it doesn’t really require any sewing at all. The cross stitch pattern requires you to carefully measure the area on the wall you plan to place it on, and then draw a grid out where you’d like to have your design placed. Then just trace around the pattern onto the wall, and stick it up straight away!

5. Simple Design

You don’t need a lot of intricate designs for this project either. It could be simple and small, or a more detailed one that would look great on any large area of wall space. You could even make a series of different DIY wall art designs with different patterns across several different walls in your home – all in less than half an hour!