META DESCRIPTION: Are you looking for quality floor lamps for your space but don’t know where to shop? Start with these nine excellent offerings from Lamps Plus.

9 Best Floor Lamps From Lamps Plus

The floor lamp can be an elegant display and useful addition to the living room or office. Today, it’s easy to find and buy floor lamps online as well as from physical stores. Despite this, it’s still beneficial and safer to purchase from reputable brands, like Lamps Plus, than simply anywhere. And if you’re interested in getting one, you can start with these nine great selections from Lamps Plus:

9 Best Floor Lamps From Lamps Plus Store

1. Jenson Adjustable Dark Bronze Floor Lamp

The Jenson Pharmacy Floor Lamp is a reliable lamp with a minimalist design. It sports an all-black finish and doesn’t have any flashy or unnecessary parts. You can easily adjust its height up to 54″ high, and it supports one standard-medium base bulb (maximum of 60 watts).

2. Marlowe Metal Bronze Woven Floor Lamp

The Marlowe Metal Bronze Lamp is a rustic-looking piece with great capabilities. It has a woven shade placed inside supporting circular rods and a sturdy base. Moreover, it stands 60 1/2″ high and has a 17 3/8″ wide x 9″ high inner shade and an 18″ wide x 9″ tall outer shade. This lamp needs two standard-medium bulbs (up to 100 watts) and uses a pull-chain switch mechanism.

3. Folia Industrial Vine Bronze Uplight Lamp

If you’re looking for a more stylish floor lamp, you’ll love the Folia Industrial Vine Lamp. Besides the uplight shade style, the vine-like body makes the piece unique. But while it seems like it’s more of a display, it’s still fully functional with enough shade coverage and support for two standard-medium (60-watt) bulbs.

4. Vogue Lamp with USB Port and Tray Table

The Vogue Floor Lamp is an elegant lamp with functional and modern features. It has a brushed nickel finish and a silver organza shade with an inner white linen diffuser. On top of that, it has a tempered glass table with included USB port for charging phones or small tablets.

5. Possini Euro Canasta Trac Satin Brass Tree Lamp

While single-shade lamps are the most common ones, lamps with numerous light shades can still look good and perform reliably. If you agree, you’ll like the Possini Euro Canasta Trac with three cylindrical lamps. Each lamp supports one standard-medium bulb (up to 60 watts). And it has an elegant satin brass finish, adjustable body, and convenient 4-way rotary switch.

6. Lite Source Orea Metal Black Lamp

If you simply want a floor lamp that works and doesn’t have unnecessary parts or functions, this is the one to get. The Lite Source Orea Black Lamp has a sturdy base, unibody pole/arm, and clean shade. It stands 64″ high, has a shade coverage of 16″ wide x 9″ tall, and uses one E27 standard-medium type A bulb (150 watts maximum).

7. Ferris Bronze Industrial Downbridge Pharmacy Lamp

The Ferris Bronze Industrial Pharmacy Lamp is an excellent choice if you want a vintage-looking piece. It offers a bronze base and bent arm, and a faux wood grain body. Regarding the shade, it uses an iconic lamp shape complemented by a well-thought-out on-off switch.

8. Possini Euro Candida 4-Light Gold Floor Lamp

If you want a floor lamp that looks stylish and blends in with the room, then this lamp is for you. At first glance, it seems like a display piece, but when the switch is turned on, the four glass orbs will light up and produce up to 810 lumens each. Moreover, it has a reliable base to support the weight and stands 68 1/2″ high overall, ensuring the bright light is fully utilized.

9. Walnut Mission Tiffany Style Lamp

The Walnut Mission Tiffany Lamp has a unique look thanks to the excellent wooden materials and applied craftsmanship. In detail, its base and column are made of walnut and are filled with lovely design touches. The earth-toned glass shade also has a pyramid shape and unique markings from top to bottom. Lastly, it stands 62 1/2″ high overall and supports two standard-medium base bulbs (60-watt maximum each).

Get Great Floor Lamps From Lamps Plus Today

There you have it, our recommendations for the best floor lamps from the Lamps Plus store. We’ve carefully selected all items on the list, and they’re guaranteed quality and great-looking—so you’ll be satisfied with whatever you buy. Do yourself a favor and shop from Lamps Plus today!