A name renowned for quality and value, Le Creuset have some of the best cookware, baking sheets and casserole dishes that will enhance your culinary experiences. Here are just 9 of the best Casserole dishes for you to choose from…

1. Heritage Rectangular Casserole

This traditionally shaped rectangular casserole is made from premium stoneware that ensures even heat distribution, with no hot spots, and the lid locks in moisture and heat while baking. Side handles make it easy to carry and the lid’s handle allows you to present your dish with flair.

2. Square Dish

This low profile square dish is made made of stoneware that offers unmatched thermal resistance making it safe for the freezer, the broiler, oven, microwave and the dishwasher. Its sharper corners make it perfect for cooking desserts that need even slicing and the dish is safe for cutting in with a knife while the almost non-stick interior allows for easy removal of food.

3. The Heritage Lasagna Deep Baker

Classically designed, the largest deep baker in the range offers an unmatched 6 quart capacity for baking layer after layer of lasagna or even a family sized casserole. The interior is virtually non-stick making it easy to slice and serve consistent portions and the scalloped handles make it easy to carry from oven to table.

4. The Classic Lasagna Dish

The iconic three step design makes this lasagna dish a perfect accessory for oven to table presentation of your favorite dish. The looped handles make it easy to carry and the stoneware ensures even distribution for uniform cooking or browning.

5. Rectangular Dish With Platter Lid

This dual purpose rectangular dish is ideal for cooking, grilling or baking in the base then serving your delicious food on the platter lid. The tight fitting lid will keep your food at the right temperature and with handles on the main dish and the lid it is easy to present your food in an attractive and easy manner.

6. Square Casserole

The updated version of Le Creuset’s classic dish emphasizes the three ring motif and the premium stoneware ensures even heat distribution and retention. The longer handles make for easy carrying and the enamel interior is virtually non-stick making for easy serving and clean up.

7. Heritage Oval Casserole

Presentation is key and the oval casserole dish is as stylish as it is functional. Made from premium stoneware and with a tough enamel interior this dish is perfect for oven to table presentation, with the grooved side handles and looped lid handle make it easy to carry and present your food.

8. Heritage Loaf Pan

This versatile and elegant Loaf Pan is perfect for baking bread, meatloaf, cakes and more and is easy to carry from the oven to the table. The stoneware offers superior heat retention for keeping food warm and even heat distribution during the cooking process.

9. Bread Oven

Home Baking has never been so beautiful. Made from Le Creuset’s legendary cast iron and especially designed to trap and circulate steam for even rising, this bread oven is ideal for easy carry and presentation and a wonderful kitchen companion that will allow you to make perfect loaves.