There’s something about crafting an item with your own hands. You can choose the design, the materials, and the final look. However, you will still need some hardware to piece everything together. Worry not because this article will provide you with a list of some of the best DIY hardware.

1. The Floyd Leg

The Floyd Leg is a simple, low-profile design that may be used to raise the height of a flat table top by 16 inches. Consider using it as a side table, coffee table, or stand for your preferred audio equipment. This product is the first thing Floyd created and is still very popular.

2. The Utility Set

The Utility Set can turn any flat surface into a table. Simply pick a surface, attach the legs to it, then tighten the ratchet straps until they are secure. A sturdy steel frame ensures that this table won’t shake as you set it up or take it down. Make your own unique furniture and exhibit your ingenuity.

3. The Shelf Brackets

The Shelf Brackets simplify the process of building your own shelf. Integrated clamps in the sturdy steel brackets ensure that your treasured possessions will not be displaced. If you need extra area for display, consider using two shelves together or four shelves in a group.

4. Headboard Hardware

Create a Floyd Headboard on your own! This Headboard Hardware set lets you discover your unique headboard panel when used with The Framework.

5. Bed Framework

Design your own Floyd mattress! The Floyd Bed hardware is included in the Framework, so you may make one out of whatever flat surface you desire. With the same reliable steel framework holding everything in place, you may customize your bed in any way you choose.

So that’s it for now. With the hardware mentioned above, you can build most of the essential furniture in your home. You’ll have complete customizability, and the only limit is your imagination.